Still Waiting

I’m starting to feel badly for all of you, knowing you are feeling badly for me!  I wish I could hurry this process along as much to end the collective waiting and interceding as to end my own.  Literally thousands of people from up to ten countries have viewed this blog, and that seems like too many people to keep in suspense!

The doctor assures us that this long wait is typical, especially with a breech baby, and once we get to a certain point things could move quite quickly.  Contractions are manageable, and I’m more grouchy about not being allowed to eat than I am about the pain. Truly, I say that with a smile.  God is granting continued peace and patience.

So, please go about your day knowing that we are in good spirits, and praise Him for all the ways He is sustaining us!

3 thoughts on “Still Waiting

  1. Thanks for taking the time in your situation to care for all of us! Your words are a comfort at a time of great concern. Our love to you and Jeff…


  2. You’re family is an inspiration to all that know you–I’m continually amazed as you live out Romans 8:28. Today is a hard day for me too. My third angel baby is celebrating five years today of his homecoming with Jesus. I can only imagine the joy our babies are experiencing! I hope my baby welcomed yours with a huge hug–praying for all of you today ❤️ Love, the Hogan family


  3. I have been sitting here for a while now, writing and rewriting over and over and eventually erasing it all. No words seem remotely adequate. My heart hearts and tears are falling yet I can’t seem to express anything that seems appropriate. I had no idea you and your family were dealing with anything out of the ordinary when we recently ran into one another. Please know that Jon and I will be praying for you, Jeff and the kids. May God comfort you in your time of great sorrow and bring you safely through this delivery. Sending you love from the Ulrings.


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